Symposium Chairmen

Prof.Dr. Isik YILMAZ
Cumhuriyet University, Faculty of Engineering, Turkey

Prof.Dr. Marian DRUSA
Zilina University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Slovakia

Prof.Dr. Marian MARSCHALKO
Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Scientific Committee

Prof.Dr. Dimitrios G. AGGELIS - Vrije Universiteit Brussel - BELGIUM
            (Editor - Construction and Building Materials)
Prof.Dr. Hashem AKBARI - Concordia University - CANADA
            (Editor - Energy and Buildings)
Prof.Dr. Imad L. AL-QADI - University of Illinois - USA
            (Chief Editor - International Journal of Pavement Engineering)
Prof. Dr. Görün ARUN - Yildiz Technical University - TURKEY
            (Editor - International Journal of Architectural Heritage)
Dr. Paola ARDIZZOLA - Antalya International University - TURKEY
Prof.Dr. Lucija AZMAN MOMIRSKI - University of Ljubljana - SLOVENIA
Prof. Dr. Francesco AUGELLI - Polytechnic University of Milano - ITALY
Prof.Dr. Temenoujka BANDROVA - BULGARIA
            (Editorial Member - International Journal of Digital Earth)
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Rita N.L.P. BENTO - University of Lisboa - PORTUGAL
            (Editor - Earthquakes and Structures)
Prof.Dr. Adil BINAL - Hacettepe University - TURKEY
Prof.Dr. Amir CAUSEVIC - University of Sarajevo - BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA
Prof.Dr. Eva COISSON - University of Parma - ITALY
Prof.Dr. Qingyan (Yan) CHEN - Purdue University - USA
            (Chief Editor - Building and Environment)
Prof.Dr. Ana Maria DABIJA - University of Architecture & Urbanism - ROMANIA
Prof.Dr. Pingsha DONG - University of Michigan - USA
            (Editor - International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering)
Prof.Dr. Peter FAJTAR - University of Ljubljana - SLOVENIA
            (Editor - Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics)
Prof.Dr. Ulf Arne GIRHAMMAR - Lulea University of Technology - SWEDEN
Prof.Dr. Makarand (Mark) HASTAK - Purdue University - USA
            (Chief Editor - ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering)
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Taehoon HONG - Yonsei University - KOREA
            (Associate Editor - Journal of Management in Engineering, ASCE)
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Luis INOSTROZA - Ruhr University - GERMANY
            (Associate Editor - Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems)
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Krystyna JANUSZKIEWICZ - West Pomeranian Univ. Tech. Szczecin - POLAND
Prof.Dr. Gintaris KAKLAUSKAS - Vilnius Gediminas Technical University - LITHUANIA
            (Editor - Journal of Civil Engineering and Management)
Prof.Dr. Herbert MANG - Technical University of Vienna - AUSTRIA
            (Editor - Engineering Structures)
Prof.Dr. Osama Ahmed MOHAMED - Abu Dhabi University - UAE
Prof.Dr. Jianlei NIU - Hong Kong Polytechnic University - HONG KONG
            (Chief Editor - Energy and Buildings)
Prof.Dr. Ainars PAEGLITIS - Riga Technical Univesity - LATVIA
            (Editor - Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering)
Acad.Prof.Dr.Arch. Emil Barbu POPESCU - Honorary President of Ion Mincu Univ. - ROMANIA
            (Vice President of the 6th Section of Arch. & Urbanism - Romanian Acad. of Tech. Sci.)
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ahmad SAJJAD - University of Nevada - USA
            (Editor - Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management)
Prof.Dr. Mattheos SANTAMOURIS - University of Athens - GREECE
            (Editor, Energy and Buildings)
Prof.Dr. Raimar Joseph SCHERER - Technical University of Dresden - GERMANY
            (Editorial Board, Construction Innovation)
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Carles SERRAT - Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona Tech) - SPAIN
Prof.Dr. Natalia SHUSHUNOVA - Moscow State University of Civil Engineering - RUSSIA
Prof.Dr. Vijay P. SINGH - Texas A & M University - USA
            (Editor - Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, ASCE)
Prof. Miroslaw J. SKIBNIEWSKI - University of Maryland - USA
            (Chief Editor - Automation in Construction)
Prof.Dr. Ted STATHOPOULOS - Concordia University - CANADA
            (Chief Editor - Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics)
Prof.Dr. Sherif EL-TAWIL - University of Michigan - USA
            (Chief Editor - Journal of Structural Engineering)
Prof.Dr. Mehmet TUNCER - Cankaya University - TURKEY
Prof.Dr. Jerzy USCINOWICZ - Bialystok University of Technology - POLAND
Prof.Dr. Ana Lidia VIRTUDES - University of Beira Interior - PORTUGAL
Prof.Dr. Wei WU - University of Bodenkultur Wien - AUSTRIA
            (Chief Editor - Acta Geotechnica)

(listed in alphabetical order of surname)

P.S.: All affiliations and editorial assignments related with the members had been listed in 2015. If there will be any changes, please inform the committee via e-mail to